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Professional office cleaning in Chester & surrounding areas


Our Clean Queen office cleaners in Chester are fully vetted and insured for all your cleaning jobs giving you full satisfaction. We have a number of commercial clients across Chester and surrounding areas all of whom are completely satisfied. Whatever your office cleaning requirements whether you want a regular cleaner or a one off clean just give us a call and we will arrange a visit to your place of business and we will work out what is is you require and what is best for you.


We will give you the best service possible that we provide and hopefully keep a good relationship going throughout.


Our office cleaning services in Chester includes cleaning toilets, bathrooms, sinks, wiping desks, emptying bins, cleaning kitchen areas, hoovering plus many other day to day cleaning operations that all office and commercial premises require whether there is one member of staff or a hundred. We can cater for small or large business’s in the area or surrounding regions.


  • Its important that offices are kept clean as the work stations has 445 times more bacteria than on your average toilet seat!
  • That is just one statistic that should tell you that with that amount of germs, illness can spread quickly if not kept under control.
  • It can take 1 germ to multiply to 8 million in under 24 hours!


Our Clean Queen office cleaners are very experienced and knowledgable of the standards that are required and to keep the workplace a safe and clean environment. Feel free to call anytime for any advice or information regarding cleaning requirements or if you would like to know anything at all, again please just ask.


  • We also offer carpet cleaning for your commercial premises across Chester at affordable rates so just let us know if you require anything and we would be happy to help.